Avoiding the Halloween Candy and Cavities Curse - Garden Ridge Center For Dentistry

Avoiding the Halloween Candy and Cavities Curse

  • October 17, 2022
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Avoiding the Halloween Candy and Cavities Curse - Garden Ridge Center For Dentistry

Typically, Christmas is a child’s favorite time of year. But let’s be honest, Halloween is a close second. And how could it not be? Dressing up and the opportunity to collect mountains of candy would make any child excited! We want kids to have a wonderful Halloween but, as the preferred Garden Ridge dentist, we also want them to have a safe one.

As a parent, you may also have some concerns about the welfare of your child’s oral health during Halloween. Before the need for a same-day dental appointment or emergency dentist visit arises, we thought we would give you an idea of which candy is the most harmful to your child’s oral health, and which aren’t so bad.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

There are certain Halloween candies that, as your Garden Ridge family dentist, we advise that children stay away from. Sticky candies such as gummies and caramels stick to teeth more than soft candies do. They are far more difficult to brush away and we always recommend that they be avoided. Further, sour candies can slowly cause enamel to erode on a child’s teeth, causing major damage and resulting in cavities down the road.

At Garden Ridge Center for Dentistry, we recommend having your children stick to chocolate candy. It sounds a little crazy, but chocolate is actually one of the best sweets a child can consume when it comes to protecting their oral health. Chocolate brushes off teeth easier than other types of candy. To add to the benefits of chocolate, dark chocolate has less sugar than milk chocolate making it an even better option.

Tips For A Healthy Halloween

To avoid an emergency dentist visit to your Garden Ridge dentist, there are a few things you can help your child do this Halloween that will protect their teeth and oral health. First, you want to make sure that your child consumes their Halloween treats in moderation. Create a plan around the candy coming in that will guarantee a limit to the number of homes visited, a smaller bag, and maybe even a “trading game” where they trade candy for rewards such as toys, stickers, and games.

Have your child enjoy their treats around mealtimes. Our mouths produce more saliva around mealtimes which is very helpful in washing away bacteria in the mouth. Eating a piece of Halloween candy around mealtime will help wash away bacteria even more. Additionally, it’s imperative that a child brushes their teeth after consuming a sweet treat.

Candy can easily become stuck between the teeth causing tooth decay, cavities, and other oral issues if not brushed and flossed immediately after consumption. And, of course, as your Garden Ridge family dentist, we recommend avoiding sugary drinks.

Keeping Your Child’s Smile Healthy All Year Long

We want your child to enjoy Halloween as much as possible but we also want them to maintain that healthy smile. In the event that the Halloween candy has done its damage, we offer same-day dental appointments to remedy any issues your child may be experiencing. It’s important to note that the same issues a child may experience can also be experienced by an adult. If your search for ‘dentist near me’ brought you to us, you’re in the right place! Contact our office to schedule your Garden Ridge dentist appointment today at 210.651.5100.

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