It’s Dental Hygienist Recognition Week at Garden Ridge Center for Dentistry - Garden Ridge Center For Dentistry

It’s Dental Hygienist Recognition Week at Garden Ridge Center for Dentistry

  • March 3, 2022
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It’s Dental Hygienist Recognition Week at Garden Ridge Center for Dentistry - Garden Ridge Center For Dentistry

When it comes to protecting you and your family’s oral health, there is an entire team behind the process that extends beyond our Garden Ridge dentist. From the moment you and your family step inside our office to the completion of your appointment, every person in our office plays a role in keeping your smile healthy. We celebrate our staff on a daily basis for their dedication and hard work, but this week is Dental Hygienist Recognition week so join us as we show our appreciation for our dental hygienists as well as the role they play in your oral health.

Dental Hygienist And Your Garden Ridge Family Dentist Work Hand-in-Hand

When you visit your Garden Ridge dentist, you may notice an individual in the room who is different from your Garden Ridge dental hygienist. This person is your dental hygienist and their job is to help your procedure run smoothly by assisting your Garden Ridge dentist with everything from sterilizing the equipment used for your surgery or teeth cleaning to taking X-rays. When it comes to our dental services, our dental hygienist lends a helping hand to almost all of them.

If you’re visiting your Garden Ridge family dentist for oral surgery, a dental hygienist will play a major role in the procedure as they’ll be the ones to prepare you as well as the affected area for surgery. They’ll also be the ones who will hand your Garden Ridge dentist the appropriate tools needed for your procedure as well as administer a suction hose during your procedure to keep your mouth dry.

Beyond assisting with our dental services such as oral surgeries and teeth cleanings, dental assistants play a vital role in keeping our Garden Ridge dentist office moving. From ordering supplies and ensuring your Garden Ridge dentist and Garden Ridge dental hygienist has everything they need to protect your oral health to making sure all patients are comfortable, dental assistants are the heart of our office!

The World Could Use More Dental Hygienists

The fact is, oral healthcare is an important part of our upkeep as infections in our mouths can lead to severe illnesses in our bodies. A Garden Ridge dentist and a Garden Ridge dental hygienist’s work is never done, which means a dental assistant’s work is never done. With the importance of their job and the amount of work there is in keeping the population’s oral health under control, we need dental hygienists more than ever.

Becoming a dental hygienist for a Garden Ridge family dentist is a rewarding job – one filled with incredible responsibilities as well as amazing people to work alongside. It may be Dental Hygienist Recognition Week but at Garden Ridge Center for Dentistry, we celebrate our dental hygienists all year long!

Whether you’re interested in a new career as a dental hygienist or are in need of a new Garden Ridge family dentist, we’d love to meet you! From teeth cleaning to Invisalign, our comprehensive dental services are designed to protect the oral health of individuals of all ages. Contact us  at 210.651.5100 to schedule your appointment!

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