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Laser Dentistry

We are excited to offer our latest treatment option, which uses a state-of-the-art technology that combines water and laser energy to create a more comfortable and efficient dental experience. This innovative treatment modality is capable of treating a wide range of dental conditions with increased precision, minimal discomfort, and reduced healing time. Our team is trained to use this advanced technology to perform various dental procedures, including cavity preparation, gum treatments, root canals, and more. We are committed to providing our patients with the most effective and advanced dental care available, and we look forward to helping you achieve optimal oral health.

Waterlase® - Garden Ridge Center For Dentistry


This advanced dental laser combines water and laser energy to create a precise and gentle treatment for a variety of dental conditions. With the Waterlase, you can expect minimal pain and discomfort during procedures, faster healing times, and a reduced need for anesthesia.

The versatility of this technology allows it to be used for cavity preparation, and other minor procedures. If you’re looking for a more advanced and patient-friendly approach to dental care, ask your dentist if the Waterlase is right for you.

Gentle Treatment - Garden Ridge Center For Dentistry

Gentle Treatment

If you’re someone who is nervous or anxious about dental visits, the Waterlase could be a great option for you. This innovative technology uses a combination of laser energy and water to provide a comfortable and gentle treatment experience. Unlike traditional dental tools, the Waterlase eliminates the need for drills and other mechanical tools, which can cause discomfort and anxiety for some patients.

One of the key benefits of the Waterlase is that it can perform a wide range of dental procedures with increased accuracy and efficiency. The precision of the laser energy allows for a more conservative approach to dental treatments, which means less of your natural tooth structure will be removed during procedures.