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Radiographs (X-Rays)

Here at Garden Ridge Center for Dentistry, we have a variety of digital radiographic techniques to best treat your condition. Each radiology treatment plan is customized to your specific dental needs to limit radiation exposure.

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About X-Rays

How do we know if there is decay (a cavity) between the teeth when it’s not visible to the naked eye? X-rays are one of the most valuable tools in the diagnostic process. We cannot “see” cavities between teeth without the help of digital x-rays. During your cleaning and check-up visits, we may take “bitewing radiographs”, “periapical radiographs”, or a “full mouth series”, depending on your specific needs. These images allow us to visualize between the teeth and around the roots of the teeth to check for cavities, bone loss, tartar build up, and pathology. 

Cavity Prevention - Garden Ridge Center For Dentistry

Cavity Prevention

Digital x-rays become even more important to check for tooth decay when a patient is not flossing or cleaning between the teeth regularly. It is always best to identify and treat cavities before they become painful, so you can avoid a dental emergency. 

For those worried about exposure, digital radiology allows us to take x-rays using 50-70% less radiation than traditional x-rays. Digital x-ray technology allows us to enlarge and sharpen images for best diagnosis and to better show you a concern.

3D Radiography - Garden Ridge Center For Dentistry

3D Radiography

We also offer 3D radiography technology with a CBCT machine. This is important for diagnosing infection, bone loss, tooth fractures, and conditions related to your sinuses, jaws, wisdom teeth, and more! It is also necessary in the implant planning process. By using a 3D image, we are able to view teeth and structures in the jaw from multiple angles. 

Radiology is a critical tool in the diagnosis of oral pathology. By taking panoramic style radiographs and 3D CBCT images, we are able to visualize potential bony pathology in the jaws, sinuses, and around the teeth. By maintaining records of your x-rays over time, we are able to quickly identify changes that may be cause for concern. At Garden Ridge Center for Dentistry, we use x-ray technology to treat our patients in a safe and comprehensive manner.