A Revolutionary Way to Perfect Your Smile - Garden Ridge Center For Dentistry

A Revolutionary Way to Perfect Your Smile

  • April 12, 2023
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A Revolutionary Way to Perfect Your Smile - Garden Ridge Center For Dentistry

Technology is always changing and every industry can benefit from it. For the dental industry, this new technological advancement comes in the form of a tool that will help patients sit more comfortably through minor dental treatments. At Garden Ridge Center for Dentistry, we are excited to announce that we offer WaterLase dentistry. This water laser treatment option has revolutionized the dental experience and we think you’re going to appreciate its benefits. But what exactly is WaterLase?

WaterLase Dental Laser

WaterLase dental laser is a water laser that is an ideal alternative to a traditional drill. The drill that most patients fear due largely in part to the heat, vibration, and pressure that causes most dental pain is replaced by this wonderful tool that makes minor dental treatments virtually payments. 

The WaterLase dental laser uses a water stream and a beam of energy to safely and accurately remove tooth decay, reshape bone, and re-contour gum tissue. Our Garden Ridge family dentist uses this water laser in a number of procedures including tooth decay removal, the treatment of gum disease, bone surgeries, and cosmetic dentistry. And the benefits of this new technology are many. 

First, the treatment is virtually pain-free. It not only cuts down on the need for anesthesia but also reduces swelling, and bleeding, and in some cases can actually alleviate the need for pain relievers. Utilizing this water laser will also help you cut down on dental visits. Because WaterLase eliminates the need for anesthesia, we can often successfully complete your dental treatment in one visit as opposed to several. We know you’ll appreciate that!

Best of all, this water laser is safe and precise. Various industries utilize lasers and after decades of research and perfecting, there is finally an option that works for your Garden Ridge dentist. Not only is this tool safe, but the way that it works helps remove small amounts of the tooth where necessary without damaging the structure as a regular drill would.

To date, this water laser option has a high approval rating, with more and more patients opting for it than the traditional drill. With so many positive reviews, dental cleanings will no longer be a thing to fear. If you’ve been holding off on your visit to your Garden Ridge family dentist, we now have a solution to calm your fears.

If you’re still weary about this water laser, get started with cleaning. This new technology enables droplets to effortlessly remove decay, enamel, or gum tissue causing you far less pain and discomfort than our normal tools. 

Dentist Near Me

If it’s been a while since your last visit to your Garden Ridge dentist, we encourage you to schedule an appointment to learn more about our new technology. We’ll discuss in detail how this water laser works and how your smile can benefit from it. Whether you need a simple cleaning or a more involved treatment, the WaterLase will provide you with a comfortable experience while you get the smile you deserve. Contact our offices today at 210.651.5100 to schedule your appointment.

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