It’s Never Too Late For a New Smile With Invisalign - Garden Ridge Center For Dentistry

It’s Never Too Late For a New Smile With Invisalign

  • March 20, 2023
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It’s Never Too Late For a New Smile With Invisalign - Garden Ridge Center For Dentistry

One of the biggest confidence boosters is having a straight, white smile yet a common misconception is that straight teeth can only be achieved in adolescence. The truth is straight teeth can be accomplished at any age and now, there are tools that allow individuals to achieve this with discretion. There are many benefits to using Invisalign to straighten your teeth and at Garden Ridge Center for Dentistry, we offer this innovative way to achieve the smile of your dreams.

Benefits of Invisalign

While braces are always an option, as an adult, Invisalign offers benefits that braces do not. For instance, Invisalign treatment is typically a shorter time span than metal braces. In fact, results can be seen in just six to 12 months whereas it can take 12 to 24 months with traditional braces. And though Invisalign clear aligners need to be worn for 22 hours a day, you are able to remove them when you eat or brush your teeth. Beyond this, there are several other benefits too.

As your Garden Ridge family dentist, one of the reasons we recommend Invisalign is that beyond straightening teeth it corrects overbites and closes gaps far quicker than traditional metal braces. They also lessen your risk for future cavities which will make you and your Garden Ridge dentist very happy. Crooked teeth make it hard to remove particles between teeth and in the gums which can increase the amount of plaque on your teeth. Straight teeth allow for easier cleaning which results in far fewer cavities.

Another reason the patients who visit our dentist in Garden Ridge like Invisalign is it allows for teeth whitening dental treatments, whereas metal braces do not. This is because Invisalign can be removed allowing for a full teeth whitening procedure with excellent results. 

Beyond teeth whitening, being able to remove Invisalign clear aligners allows patients to have more flexibility with what they eat. With traditional braces, there are very strict guidelines as far as what’s OK to eat and what isn’t. Foods that can damage brackets such as apples and corn on the cob are off-limits however, with Invisalign you can still enjoy the foods you love while continuing to create the smile of your dreams. 

And, of course, the ultimate reason to visit your Garden Ridge dentist for Invisalign is the self-confidence you’ll have from a straighter, whiter smile. Nothing enhances someone’s confidence quite like an enhanced appearance, and creating a perfect smile is one of the best ways to do that.  

Is Invisalign Right For You?

If Invisalign sounds like something you might be interested in and you’re searching for a dentist who offers the treatment, begin with an online search of “dentist near me”, then, contact Garden Ridge Center for Dentistry to schedule your consultation. Our Garden Ridge family dentist offers same-day dental appointments for the convenience of every patient. For more information on Invisalign or to schedule a same-day dental appointment at Garden Ridge Center for Dentistry, contact our office at 210.651.5100 today!

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